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War Binder and Faith Planner
War Binders and Faith Planners - by Faith Crafts and Coffee

Hello Friends, It’s so good to see you here! We’re going to discuss War Binders and Faith Planners today. I want to answer a few of the basic questions I’ve received over the years, like what they are, how are they used, and what are the best formats, styles, and designs to use. There are many more questions to be answered, I will start compiling them and creating more articles like this one.

War Binders and Faith Planners Discussion Topics

It’s truly a pleasure and honor to help you all with your questions and concerns. As a woman of Faith, it’s important to me to help & inspire others to know God. So, let’s get some of your questions answered.

What are War Binders and Faith Planners?

War Binders and Faith Planners are the same things. It’s all personal preference as to what you want to call yours. They are also known as faith journals too! They are essentially a binder, planner, or notebook with various sections that are used to document, strengthen, and nourish your walk with Christ.

My war binder has been so beneficial for me in my faith journey. Below is one of my war binders which is a Classic Medium Happy Planner Notebook, with extra filler pages added. There are some really pretty ones available now like this one here and this Alice in Wonderland is so stinking adorable. So where were we? Now that you know what they are let’s talk about how to use them.

War Binders-and-Faith Planners - Happy Planner

How Are They Used?

War Binders and Faith Planners are wonderful tools to use in your Faith journey, as they are perfect places to document important faith milestones. Like the day you finally heard God’s voice over yours. They are also great for documenting your prayers, and prayer requests. Then later you can go back and write next to them how & when they were answered.

You can also keep a log of all your favorite scriptures & helpful when trying to memorize scriptures. Take them to Church and write down sermon notes so you can later transfer important stuff into your Bible. They truly are a wonderful useful part of everyone’s faith journey.

But, why document your journey? That’s a whole other article, but briefly and bluntly, it’s so you don’t forget. Below is another one of my Faith Planners. It’s a simple composition note, covered in pretty paper with one of my favorite scriptures on the cover. Now let’s talk about format or style/design.

war binders and faith planners - using a composition notebook

Best formats, styles, or designs for War Binders and Faith Planners

Honestly, the options are endless when it comes to formats, styles, and designs. But let me explain what I mean by formats, styles, and designs. By this I mean the composition notebook, binder, planner, spiral notebook, etc. that is used as the foundation of your war binder – faith planner. These are all formats, styles, and designs, or that’s how I am explaining it. So now that we understand my terms, at least I am praying that you do. Let’s go ahead and talk about some of them.

Happy Planners or Happy Planner Notebook

I mentioned above that at the time of the picture, I was using a Cassic or Medium Happy Planner Notebook for my Faith Planner. I liked this style and found it useful in many ways.

For my readers that aren’t familiar with Happy Planners these have disc binding that’s kind of a cross between a 3-ring binder and a spiral notebook. Adding and removing pages from this style is easy. Unlike a binder or a notebook, this style can fold in on itself which makes writing on the go easier.

There are so many cute add-ons that you can purchase to create a really pretty Faith Planner. You can create pages, dividers, pockets, etc. then use the cover to mark the holes. You don’t need a special hole punch either.

Probably the most convenient thing about this style is that you can fill it up, store the pages in a box and recreate another one fairly easily and affordable.

This style can be purchased for a fairly decent price and under less than $20 you could have the bases for your Faith Planner. I even found some for less than $20 like the Alice and Wonderland one mentioned above seen below.

Composition Notebooks & Spiral Bound Notebooks

I used a composition notebook and a spiral notebook when I first started my Faith journey. Both are fairly inexpensive, and the covers can be decorated with pretty paper. They are bonded so all the pages are held together, which means you won’t lose important notes, etc.

These can be stored upright on a shelf or tuck them neatly in a box under the bed. It’s easy to add cardstock, and pretty paper to create different sections. You can’t this style like some of the others mentioned.

Traveler’s Notebook

War Binders and Faith Planners - Traveler's Notebook

Traveler’s Notebook style War Binder and Faith Planner are one of my favorite styles to use. I’ve used this style many times over the years. I look for sales on the notebook cover and buy them for a good price. The above image shows one of my favorite covers, it’s pale pink patent leather. Did I mention that I love everything pink?

For my lovely readers that aren’t familiar with what a traveler’s notebook is, here’s an explanation. A Traveler’s Notebook is a journal that was created by the Traveler’s Company. It’s a simple leather, cloth, cardstock, or felt, (and many more) cover with elastic bands in the middle that hold thin paper notebooks.

Most have 4 bands to hold 4 of the notebooks or inserts. But you can add additional bands to add more inserts. I’ve had 7 inserts in the pink one shown above. Each insert can be used for different sections of your Faith Planner.

This style is perfect for storing, when an insert is full just store it on a shelf or in a box. I do suggest that you label and date the insert, so later you can see your growth, etc.

War Binder - Faith Planner 3 Ring Binder

3 Ring Binder Style

A standard 3 ring binder with notebook paper, page protectors, and dividers is another great style of War Binder – Faith Planner. This style is another affordable way to create your faith planner. The above picture shows a Faith Planner I created for a client.

The divider on the right side was created using heavy cardstock, then embellished with rose trim, it also has a pocket on the backside. On the left side, there is a vision page using my client’s favorite colors, embellished with faith words, etc.

The uses for this style are endless, you can create different dividers for your sections, add page protectors and insert scripture writing plans, use it to store notes, etc. When you have filled up all the pages you can transfer them to a bigger binder or tie a ribbon through the holes and store them in a box. Again make sure you date them. Then add new notebook paper.

If you’re interested in having a War Binder – Faith Planner created for your Faith journey visit my shop FaithNPrettyThings for more information.

A5 Binder Planner Style

The A5 Binder Planner style of War Binders and Faith Planners is another great style. The covers and accessories that are available are endless. There are dividers, dashboards, and so many pretties that you can use to create the perfect faith planner.

Basically, this style is like the 3 ring binder.

Faith Planner - A5 Style

War Binders and Faith Planners – Final Thoughts

I can’t express enough how much my Faith journey blossomed when I started documenting it. Using War Binders and Faith Planners over the last 4 years has taught me so much about where I was when I started my journey and how far the good Lord has brought me.

Looking back at my prayer section and prayers in general I can see how timid I was when it came to talking with God then. Now seeing some of my prayers it’s like I am talking to my best friend. And I do it so much more often now. But not as much as I want to thou, and I am not as comfortable as I want to be. But I’ve come so far, and know He’s got so much more to change in me.

By documenting my Faith journey there will be something left behind for someone to find. And in doing so, I may help that person find God and start their journey. When I started my journey there were a few things that became very apparent to me.

  • I couldn’t do anything without God. I tried that and messed up so many things.
  • Once I started reading His Word, it became very important to me, to know every teeny tiny thing I could about Him.
  • Everything He taught me I wanted to share with the world.

In the upcoming days I will be sharing more on War Binders and Faith Planners, as well Faith Planner Sections that have become very important in my journey. There are so many things I want to share with you all, and I can’t wait for you to read them all.

In the meantime, be sure to share anything you feel someone else could use. Also, it would be wonderful to connect with you on the social outlets below.

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