My Travelers Notebook War Binder

Travelers Notebook War Binder and My 5 Sections

Hello Friends and welcome! I am happy you’re here and it’s a blessing to be able to share my Travelers Notebook War Binder and the sections I am using. This has become my favorite setup and sections for the past 3 years. I hope that you find this article useful and it gives you the inspiration to create your own War Binder.

I honestly, can’t stress enough how beneficial mine has been to me in my Faith journey. Please remember that this article is meant to inspire, not to say this is the way you should set yours up. A War Binder is a personal and private piece of your walk with God, it’s between you and Him.

My Travelers Notebook War Binder

If you’re still stuck and overwhelmed on creating yours, please pray and ask for His guidance, He’ll give you clarity. Praying helped me after creating my first War Binder that had 8 sections, which were 3 too many. If you’d like to learn more about my first War Binder read this post. I absolutely love this view, all the pink, and I was doing what I love – spending time with our Heavenly Father.

My Travelers Notebook War Binder – A little story

As I mentioned earlier, I have been using the same 5 Sections in my Travelers Notebook War Binder for the past 3 years. Actually, I’ve used the same sections in every style of War Binder I’ve set up. They work for me, and I am happy the Lord guided me in those early days. Thinking back on it now, it wasn’t really in the early days, and it’s a little amusing so I have to share.

So here’s the little story behind my first war binder, I can actually smile about it now. I am stubborn and one of those people that just has to do things her way until. . . my way breaks me. With that said, God watched me for an entire year struggling with my 8 section war binder, not His fault, but mine. I never asked for help during that year, and even if He had tried to show me prior to that day I would have missed it. But eventually, I think He just got tried because, one day as I was flipping through my War Binder something happened.

It was like a glass of cold water being tossed on my head. An ah-ha moment that I know came from Him, telling me to pray and ask for His help. Notice the part when I was led to pray and ask for His help, yep God loves us, but He’s not just going to give it to us. We’ve gotta want it, and we’ve gotta ask Him for it. It’s just the way it’s done. Trying explaining that to a stubborn, strong-willed person. Anyways I did what I was being led to do and I prayed the below prayer and let it go.

Lord, thank you for leading and guiding me to pray. I am stubborn, and always want to do things my way. But it’s clear I’ve struggled this past year and I humbly come to you today for more guidance. Lord, as I create my new War Binder, please guide me in knowing which sections You feel I should have, ones that will help me grow closer to you Lord.

In Jesus’ Name, I Pray, Amen.

And the next day as I was setting up my new War Binder (for the upcoming new year) I was given some clarity on how I had been using 3 sections that were basically the same. Briefly, I had 3 different sections for prayers, one for family, another for everything else, and then a section just for prayer requests. Honestly, by breaking up my prayers in those sections I was making my prayer life more difficult than it should ever be. <—- I can’t believe I said that! Praying isn’t difficult it’s the simplest easiest way of communicating with God. But I turned it into a task, using that setup.

Pretty funny how God works through us isn’t it? Lesson learned real quick-like that day, but that stubborn chick still shows up every once in a while. She still butts heads with God, but He nearly always wins, actually, He always does even when I think I did. Because eventually, I learn the same lesson He taught me years ago, my way isn’t the way.

Travelers Notebook War Binder and My 5 Sections - Bible Study Section

My Travelers Notebook War Binder – Sections I love

So in 2019, my War Binder received a makeover led directly by the good Lord above. I went from 8 to 5 sections that I still use today. My sections work for me and I hope that by sharing this article you’ll find some inspiration for yours.

I love my Travelers Notebook War Binder and my 5 Sections, here they are:

Bible Study
Notes – Misc. Section where I list books, movies, and studies, that I want to look into.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I use each section you can visit this post: 5 War Binder Sections You’ll Use. In that article I give you in detail how each section is used, and why. I also have an article describing different styles you can use for your War Binder here.

Travelers Notebook War Binder - Scripture Section

My Travelers Notebook War Binder – Final Thoughts

Did you know that War Binders are also known as Faith Planners? Some also call it their Faith Journal. No matter what you refer to yours, I am sure you find it just as valuable as I do mine. If you’re new to War Binders, Faith Planners, Faith Journaling then the best advice I can give is, pray about it before setting yours up.

Take a minute to think about the following questions I asked myself 3 years ago. See if they fit into your journey and then incorporate them into your War Binder as sections.

1. Are you writing the same thing in different sections?
Like I was with my prayers.

2. Do you write your Bible Study Notes in your Bible?
I do and feel that it will be easier later to have important notes right next to the scriptures. So I was using my Bible Study section wrong at first.

3. Is their a part of your Faith Walk that needs extra attention?
This could be a section as gratitude & praise is in mine.

4. Are you praying continually? Prayer is a very important part of everyone’s Faith Journey.
Did you know that by intentionally praying and writing them down, it will help you grow in your prayer life. Doing something daily for a period of time will help create a habit. It’s been said in as little as 21 days some have created good habits.

If you have any questions or are in need of prayer please visit my contact page and get a hold of me through there. I will happily help and pray for you. If you’re interested in see more images of some of my War Binders of the years visit me on Pinterest. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook too. Just click on the social links below.

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