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Here’s a big happy Hello World shout-out to our new friends and loyal readers! As a loyal reader, you’ll notice most of our regular content isn’t available. It saddens me to say that most of it was lost during our host change. The good news is that I’ve kept a backup, but it’s going to take some sorting through. Slowly but surely I’ll be adding back the older content, but for now, it’s a fresh new start to the blog you all loved so much!

With that said, even though all the old was lost (but will eventually be regenerated) we are still the same site you’ve loved over the years. We will be posting the same content you love as well as adding some new stuff we know you’re going to love. So bare with us while we get things back in order.

Hello World & All The Same Goodness

As I mentioned above, even though we lost the content our images are still safe and I’ll be recreating most of the lost content. You’ll still find articles on the following topics:

Faith Topics
Bible Study
Bible Journaling
Scripture Writing Plans
War Binder – Faith Planner

DIY & Repurposing

Favorite Bibles
Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

New Topics

I will be adding some new topics slowly throughout the year. If these are a hit then they will remain a part of Faith Crafts and Coffee, if not then they will not be a part of my regular posts. I am also open to suggestions from you my readers. Please visit my contact me page, and fill out the form with your suggestions.

New Topics
How-to Videos
Monthly Series
Bible Study Methods
Favorite Products
Hello, God, It’s Me
Wednesday Worship

New beginnings are both exciting and frightening, I can’t wait to see where this leads Faith Crafts and Coffee. I truly believe it’s a blessing and there’s a God-given lesson to be taken out of all of this. I’ll share that information when the light has been shined on it.

Thanks for reading Hello World & Faith Crafts and Coffee. If you haven’t followed me socially please do, you’ll find tons of resources and ideas on them. Just click on the social icons below to connect.

Many Blessings,