5 of My Favorite Bibles

My Favorite Bibles - The Jesus Bible NIV
My Favorite Bibles - The Jesus Bible NIV

Hello Friends, It’s so good to see you here again! I want to share with everyone interested 5 of my favorite Bibles. Honestly, I am a lover of all things Bibles. I might be considered a Bible hoarder, but my craft room has a motto and it fits perfectly with my Bible passion. Moto: I am not a Craft or Bible hoarder, I am the curator of an extensive Craft Supply- Bible collection. Truly I can’t get enough of God’s Word and I want to read it in every translation available. But I do have some favorites and those are the ones I will share with you for now.

My Favorite Bibles – The Jesus Bible NIV

I remember the first time I saw The Jesus Bible on amazon I wanted it! I was probably drawn to the beautiful covers available first, then because of who the editor in chief is, Louie Giglio. He’s one of my favorites to listen to, read, and If only I could be a member of the Passion City Church it would be amazing.

I have 2 of these Bibles the white one shown in two images above and I also have a turquoise blue one shown in the image above. Both have notes from a year of Bible study, I will be passing these two down to my children. As I study and learn more from God I will be adding additional notes, etc. to the two Bibles. The only thing I wished was different about these Bibles is the room available for notes. But, it’s understandable that there isn’t since they are actual note-taking – journaling Bibles.

Otherwise, I love this Bible, I do have 2 copies in two different colors! Here’s the description of The Jesus Bible: Sixty-Six Books. One Story. All About One Name. Jesus. Encounter the living Jesus in all of Scripture. It, has exclusive articles from Louie Giglio, Max Lucado, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, and Randy Alcorn, lifts Jesus up as the lead story of the Bible, and encourages you to faithfully follow him as you participate in his story.

My Favorite Bibles – CSB She Reads Truth Bible

The She Reads Truth Bible is probably my favorite of the favorites, hmmm is that even a saying? Anyways, I love this Bible not just because its creators are women. But because of the layout, the font, the colors, and the space available for notes – I am a note taker and want my notes next to the scriptures, not in a box on a shelf. <— Learned that lesson real quick, and I’ll explain that later.

The She Reads Truth Bible has summary pages of each book of the Bible, they chose one key verse to summarize each book. The summary starts off with that key verse created into a beautiful visual page. Together each verse/summary, outlines the Bible, using the Bible itself. It also has a reading plan, maps, charts, and timelines. It really is a beautifully put-together Bible with little devotions spread throughout the pages.

The below image is one of the pages from my She Reads Truth Bible showing you the amount of space that is available for notes. I told you I like taking notes! I used to believe writing in my Bible was a sin, it was horrible and anyone who did that should be flogged for every page written on.

But then, I realized that if I didn’t write those aah-haa moments next to the scripture wouldn’t I forget? I don’t want to forget one single moment when I was moved by God’s Word. I also know that as I grow in my Faith, or go through different seasons, each verse may open my eyes to something different. But that’s why I take notes because I don’t want to forget any of them.

Below are links to 3 of the She Reads Truth Bibles I currently have. All are Leather-touch beautiful and durable covers. The first is navy blue, the second is rose-gold and the last is a shimmer champaign color.

My Favorite Bibles – Journaling Bibles

I have been journaling creatively in my journaling Bibles since the start of my Faith walk 4 years ago. Part of it was using the gift of creativity God blessed me with, while the other was it helped me grow closer to God. The theory is that if you a doing something you love along with something that you’re learning it helps it all stick.

The reality of it it’s what worked for me. As I created in my journaling Bible on the scriptures that I studied I found myself memorizing them easier. It also helped me create a habit or routine of spending time with God, not that I needed any extra drive to want to spend time with Him. I was creating pretty things in His Glory. A win-win situation, right? Anyways let’s get back to my favorite Bibles – well favorite journaling Bibles that is.

Not sure if I’ve shared this here or not, but I will anyway. I have 7 journaling Bibles I have been creating in for about 4 years. Each one is created for a child or grandchild. Now, let me mention that I have 5 children and almost 8 grandchildren, so I’ve got a lot of work still to do if I am going to leave each one a creative Bible.

I also have 3 personal journaling Bibles by Illustrated Faith. One is a CSB Green leather-like cover, and then I have the NIV: Books of Psalms & Proverbs journaling Bible as well as The Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John) journaling Bible. I love these Bibles, but they are a bit costly to purchase 13 of them. So, these will be given to my Hubby and then I imagine later passed down to whoever wants them.

Below are some pages I’ve created in my CSB one, but I have yet to start creating in the other two. I am waiting for that one bible study that really moves me to start those. The first image is from 2 Corinthians 8:11 using a Bible journaling kit I created for FaithNPrettyThings my faith-based shop.

That was a fun kit to work with, with all the bright flowers and little crosses. I remember opening the page and just creating without even thinking about what I wanted to create. That’s such a great feeling to just allow the Spirit to move through you. The first time it happened I later cried thinking about it. I am a planner, and a thinker so most of the time I have everything in order before starting anything. So, being moved by the Holy Spirit, was an overwhelmingly amazing experience. That’s one of the reasons I create in my journaling Bibles.

Below is another page from my journaling Bible on Acts 5:39 using a kit I created. Very simple pages with meaningful notes on little tags. I have big hopes for all of my favorite Bibles and journaling Bibles. And because they are for the good of those involved I know God will see to these hopes.

Below are links to the Illustrated Faith journaling Bibles I have. The prices have dropped so much since I bought my green one. They also have a dark grey and a pretty pink cover for the CSB journaling Bible both are so pretty! I have never really been a green color person, but at the time that’s all they had and I got it for a good price, so it is what it is.

My Favorite Bibles – Final Thoughts

My hopes are to share the joy I receive from reading God’s Word in my Favorite Bibles. How amazing it would be if I inspired even one person to start reading God’s Word. If I had to say just one thing that I’ve gotten from spending time with God, it would be peace. God is my comfort, my calm, my peace also things He’s given to me through my hubby Kevin.

God has been my joy in days when I couldn’t find joy on my own, He’s been the light on many dark roads. He’s been my healer, the path to forgiving. He’s been the Love I’ve spent many years seeking in worldly things. I would never experience any of it if I hadn’t picked up my first Bible. I can’t encourage you enough to seek God in His Word, you’ll never look back after you do.

I also want to stress that Bible journaling is for everyone! You don’t have to be an artist to create art in your journaling Bible, nor do you have to be extremely creative. Honestly, none of that matters to God, the most important aspect of bible journaling is you’re spending time with Him in His Word.

There are many resources available for those that need a little spark of inspiration. You can look at my Bible Journaling Pinterest board, purchase Bible journaling kits, or even clip pictures from magazines, using napkins are also a great way to get creative in your journaling Bible.

If you struggle with any of this, start with the prayer below.

Heavenly Father, please guide and lead us as we seek You.
Open our eyes, hearts, and soul so that we know You.
Teach us, Lord, to trust in Your Truths.
Guide us in our studies and creative works.
Show us how to share Your Word with others.

In Jesus’, name, we pray. Amen

Thank you for stopping by and reading about some of my favorite Bibles. It’s been such a pleasure sharing all of them with you! Do you have any favorite bibles? What was the major factor in it being added to your favorite Bibles list?

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