6 Must-Have Bible Journaling Supplies

Bible Journaling Supplies - Stash Basket

Probably one of the most asked questions I get is about what Bible Journaling Supplies I use. After years of Bible journaling, and countless useless supplies bought, there are only a handful of supplies I use constantly. So, Friends, today we’re talking about the 6 must-have Bible Journaling Supplies that I recommend no matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced.

Whatever level experience in Bible Journaling you’re at its best to keep it simple, affordable, and enjoy the time you’re spending in His Word.

Bible Journaling Supplies

My Bible Journaling Supplies:

Bible or Journaling Bible < ~~ I know this is an obvious one.
Pens- Markers
Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Pads
Scraps paper, ribbons, buttons, anything from your stash

That’s the list, but how on earth do you use these items for Bible Journaling? No, worries friends, I am going to explain each one to you.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Bible or Journaling Bible

Before you can start Bible journaling you’re going to need a Bible or a Journaling Bible. See my post 5 of My Favorite Bibles to see some options available, and how I use each one. My personal favorites for journaling are CSB Illustrating Bible, NIV Journal the Word, ESV Journaling Bible, but any Bible will work. But, journaling Bibles were created with extra space next to the scriptures for notes.

Below is a picture of my favorite journaling Bible – the CSB Illustrating Bible as well as one of the pages I created in it. Again to learn more about why it’s my favorite visit the post I listed above -5 of my Favorite Bibles. I created this page using Tim Holtz Distressed Inks along with the Acts 5:39 Bible Journaling Kit I created for my shop FaithNPrettyThings.com

Bible Journaling Supplies - Illustrating CSB Bible

Bible Journaling Supplies – Gelatos

Gelatos are probably one of my favorite supplies to use while bible journaling. I like to think of them as adult crayons. They are versatile, fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and hard to mess up with. And, they are easy to clean up, that’s a plus for me!

They can be used with or without water, but I personally like the look of using water. You can also use them on almost any surface too. When using gelatos you basically rub the stick over the area you want that color to be, then using your fingertip blend/spread the color out. You can also add a dab of water to lighten or smooth the area. Baby wipes work great for this technique as well as a q-tip.

Another way to use the gelatos is by wetting the area before applying the gelato and then rubbing the stick over that area. I like to use a make-up blending sponge or brush for this technique. Both the sponge and brush can be bought at the dollar store. The below page was created with Gelatos, using some water with a blending brush, and my Matthew 1:21 Bible journaling kit.

Bible Journaling Supplies - Gelatos- Blender Brush

Here’s a quick video creating the above page using the gelatos and my kit.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Watercolors

Another one of my favorite journaling supplies is watercolors. You don’t have to have an expensive set either, start with an affordable set, if you like using them then get a better one. Using watercolors in your bible journal requires some dry time, or you can use a hairdryer to dry the page quicker. For watercolors I like to dampen the page, then add color to my brush, then add it to the page.

I have created a short video of me journaling a page on Deuteronomy 5:29-30 here and below is a picture of that page. My favorite watercolors sets are Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors, 72 Vivid Colors Set, Bianyo 36 Color Set. The first one is one of the more expensive sets, and the other two are affordable and are great watercolors to work with.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Pens & Markers

I am not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but I am a pen hoarder. I love pens, in all colors shapes, and sizes. Some people like shoes, I like pens! But not every pen works well for Bible journaling especially if you don’t like bleed through. Me I don’t mind a little, but too much can ruin a page.

My favorite pens that have minimal bleed-through are Paper Mate Flair Ultra Fine Point, which is used for creating little notes on my pages. The fine tip works perfectly for those little letters and details. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 2-Pack has a hard tip pen used for detailing like the little crosses in the above image. And a soft tip pen which is great for fancy lettering. Lastly is the STAPENS 10 Colored Retractable Gel Pens which are quick-drying, and I used these for details and little notes. Mostly these are used for adding notes to my regular Bible.

Now when it comes to markers there isn’t anything better than the Crayola Super Tips Marker Set of 100, and they are so affordable you’ll be surprised at how well they work for Bible Journaling. I love using these markers for highlighting and for some of my basic drawing pages. They are not good for coloring large areas on the pages thou. These are the only markers I use in my journaling Bible.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads

This is probably another one of the most used from my Bible journaling supply cart. You can use Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads in so many ways. I used them in the first image above to add color to the outer edges of my page.

You can also use a blending brush to add spots of color, they are also good with stamping stamps. These are just another way to add color to your pages, not really for designs unless you’re using a stamp. In the below image I used a brown color to make the page look antique.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Your Craft Stash

Seriously your craft stash probably has so many things you can use for Bible journaling. Scrap paper, ribbon pieces, buttons, stickers, enamel dots, thread, lace, you’re probably getting the picture. In the above image, I used stickers, napkin pieces, and a page from a torn book I found at a thrift store to create the page.

I believe this page was probably one of my first journaling pages from 2019, long before I started my exclusive Bible Journaling Supply collection.

Bible Journaling Supplies – Final Thoughts

Bible Journaling is all about creatively spending time in God’s Word, and being in His presence. It’s about using your God-given gift of creativity and creating for His Glory. I know not everyone is as creative as they want to be, but with a little practice and using supplies you enjoy working with you’ll see it bloom.

Your Bible Journaling Bible & Supplies don’t have to be the most expensive, or the famous brand name either. Some of my favorite pages were created with a $23 Bible, a $1 watercolor set, and scraps from my craft stash. Just because I say that a supply is my favorite doesn’t mean it will be yours as well. I suggest starting simple and then when you’re comfortable move on to more elaborate pages.

There are so many ways to Bible Journal, so many techniques, and media you can use that it can all become overwhelming. If you find yourself at that crossroad, pause a minute, and pray for His guidance in the overwhelming.

I’ll be sharing some techniques and more of my journaling pages in the upcoming weeks. Please feel free to follow me on the social media outlets below. If you have any questions or need prayer use my contact page and send me a message, I’ll answer straight away.

Thank you for stopping by!
Many Blessings
<3 Debbie

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