5 War Binder Sections You’ll Want

Travelers Notebook War Binder and My 5 Sections - Bible Study Section

Hello friends and welcome to Faith Crafts and Pretty Things, I am so glad you’re here! Today I am sharing 5 War Binder Sections you’re going to want to include in your War Binder.

When I first started my walk with the Lord and created my first War Binder it was overwhelming. At the time there weren’t many articles available to use as a starting point, so I just created sections as I thought they were needed. The end result was too many sections and some weren’t needed. My hopes are that sharing my mistakes and what works for me will help you in your journey.

The important thing to remember is that it’s your war binder, it’s a very personal thing you share between yourself and God. Make yours as you are inspired, you can pray about what sections God feels you need to focus on.

5 War Binder Sections You'll Use

War Binder Sections

My first War Binder had the following 8 sections; Gratitude, Praise, Prayer requests, Prayers for the family, Prayers for everything else, Bible Study notes, Scriptures, and a section with a list of studies, movies, and things I wanted to learn more about. By the end of the year, I realized 3 of them could be combined. This wasn’t a discovery I made on my own either, it was all God’s doing! You can learn more about that here.

As I created my new War Binder I combined all my Prayers into one section. This made things so much easier. In reality, we generally pray for many different things at once. The only time we may not is when we are fulfilling a prayer request. So it really did make sense to write ALL my prayers in one place.

I also kept the bible study section, but I am to using it differently than I had been using it before. I will explain more about that in a few. And I still have the gratitude, praise, scripture, and the misc sections. These have been my sections for the past 3 years, and they work for me. But how is each section used?

War Binder Sections – Gratitude Section

My gratitude section was created very intentionally with the goal of creating a habit of being grateful even in the hard times. Every evening before bed, I write down reasons for being grateful for that day.

Here is an example of last week’s entries. Our ice maker broke, and within hours the garbage disposal stopped working too. Having ice cold water is nice, but I didn’t need ice to have cold water. I filled our water pitcher up and put it in the refrigerator, an hour later we had cold water.

Garbage disposals help a lot when it comes to tossing scraps, and in keeping the garbage clean. Yes, you read that right clean garbage means not having smelly spoiled food in the can for 2 days between pick-up days.

This one was tougher at finding gratitude, but I did! I got more exercise by visiting the outdoor trash, I even found gratitude in the fact I was able to walk to the trash outside. Believe me when I say this has helped me become more thankful for small things, and be more grateful for the bigger blessings.

War Binder Sections – Praise

This was another intentionally created section. Part of being a good Christian is praising God for all He is, does, did, teaches us, etc. that’s what I use this one for. Daily I praise God for small, big, and everything in between.

Being thankful and praising God for it all is important to me. When we only remember to thank Him for the big things we get stuck expecting only big things. But when we thank Him and praise Him for the little stuff, we learn that even the little things that we may take for granted are just as important. Part of Luke 16:10 says: Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with big things. How do can we expect big things from God, if we aren’t thanking Him for the little ones? That’s just how I feel.

War Binder Sections – Prayers

This is the section that used to be 3 different ones. Like I mentioned above, the reality of praying is while we’re praying we almost always pray about several different things at once. So it makes sense to write them all in the same section.

But I do have a personal Prayer Journal, that it strictly for me and God. I write personal prayers for myself, my children and husband in this one. Mostly its prayers about me changing my reactions to different situations that arise with each person. God, gave me these people to love and it’s not my job to change their habits – etc. But it’s my job to love them in the best way I can. So I pray for my change.

War Binder Sections – Bible Study

Here’s another section I feel is important but I also feel I started off using it wrong. I do a lot of Bible Studies, it’s my goal, desire, and part of what keeps me going – to Know God, everything my little heart can soak up so that I do.

I started my journey way to late in life, this saddens me, and I believe that this is why I have an overwhelming need to learn as much as I can now. And, I also want to leave ALL the little pieces of everything I’ve learned, everywhere for others to find and hopefully inspire them to start their own journey. And NOT so late in their lives like me. So where was I? Oh yeah my Bible Study section in my War Binder.

At first I was writing all my Bible study notes in this section, two things happened by doing this. 1 – I found myself replacing the notebook insert/ or adding more paper to this section almost weekly. Did I mention I am a note taker? Have you ever seen War Room? Ms Clara says: We write it all down . . . so we won’t forget. That’s me, and I’ve done it almost all my life. The 2nd. thing that happened was me realizing, if I was putting all my important scripture notes in little notebooks on a shelf, how will I later know exactly where the notes on Genesis 1 are? So this led me to use the section differently.

So instead of writing all my Bible study notes in this section I write the following:
Study Name
Date Started
Date Finished
Did I find it useful
I will also add little notes that lead me, or others later to my notes in my bible. This section has become more of footprints to the important stuff, that I feel others would benefit from later. Footprints to the Bibles I am creating for each child/grandchild, hubby and my own. I want to know God and have Him known by others. It’s important to me.

War Binder Sections – Scriptures

I don’t write every scripture down in this section, but I do keep track of the ones that God leads me too. What do I mean by this? Well, have you ever had a day that started off just so whacky you could cry? Then, it just kept getting more whackier, and all of a sudden you see something, read something, hear something, and suddenly things become calmer? That my dear friend is God leading out of that whacky path you’re stuck on.

So when I am led to a scripture that literally snaps me out of one state and into another, I write it down. I also write a little blurb about how that little piece of God’s Word changed the path of my day. I will also write the date next to it. Why? Well my dear one, so I won’t forget how His goodness, His faithfulness, His love helped me that day and everyday. And God willing it helps someone else later with their whacky day.

War Binder Sections – Misc. Section or Braindump Section

This section is what some may call a braindump section. For those that aren’t familiar with braindump, it’s basically writing everything in your head down. It’s a way to declutter your mind and helps focus on the important pieces.

I remember one day, I had so much on my mind I couldn’t even focus long enough to read one chapter of my study. So I grabbed paper and a pen and starting writing it all down. I ended up with a list of studies I heard about, things I needed to buy, projects I thought I wanted to do, and words to a song I heard the day before. Some important, some were just cluttering up my brain keeping me from that task at hand. What do you do yo with your braindump? So here’s the fun part.

After dumping it all on paper you can do a few things, leave it there until you feel like dealing with it. Sort it out then and decide which ones are important enough to look further into, or just live and let live, basically write down and let it be. I tend to use this section as a way to determine if what I wrote down is a Want or a Need. If it’s a want I tend to leave it on the list, if it’s something I need then I add it to my list of things to do.

I find this section very helpful for many of the things I’ve mentioned above. I forget things often and by creating this braindump section, I’ve been able to go back and find a study I’ve been thinking about but couldn’t remember the name, etc.

War Binder Sections – Final Thoughts

Not everyone will find the sections I use beneficial to them. But by sharing my sections I hope it helps you find clarity on different section you could use, or help with anyone struggle with understanding how to use them. It’s all a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes, just as I did years ago.

Maybe you like a section I’ve listed but your going to use it differently, that awesome and I’d loved to know how you’re using it. Just leave me a comment below or send me a little note from my contact page. As always if you have questions or are in need of prayer please reach out to me from the contact page, I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Faith Crafts and Coffee is a place I share what I’ve learned in my walk with the Lord, in hopes to inspire others. I want to know God and for Him to be know by you. And that’s my hearts desire as I write articles here. There may be things that I see differently from you, and that’s ok. Each piece of God’s Word is meant to teach us all about Him, but it can effect us all differently at different seasons of our walk with Him.

If you found this article useful please feel free to share with your family and friends. Don’t forget to tag #faithcraftsandcoffee in your shares. I would also like to invite you to follow me in the social media outlets below, it would be a pleasure to have you in our community. If you’d like to see more of my War Binder Sections I have a War Binder Pinterest board full of everything I’ve ever created.

Thanks for reading my War Binder Sections article.
Many Blessings
<3 Debbie

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